Information Security Services

A company having the lack of resources and wouldn’t have its own information security department is compromising the gaps in there information sharing, execution and manipulation.
Someone may easily forge and get the access to system without any permission, to mitigate the risk factor we offer our services as information security consultant.
We build customized solution based on your own environment to secure the information services and your valuable assets. Before going onward, have these queries addressed as a base model for implementing information security.

Is your company’s information is secured?

Is your information polices mapped and designed in best scenario for protection?

Is you network design is enough to protect from information breach?

Is your security appliances working as their principal commitment?

Is there any gap between the devices?

Have your company got assessment for vulnerability?

Is risk assessment being performed in your company?

Innova-Network provide the solution for protection and defense in depth to mitigate the risk of any data breach. The right Infose partner “Innova-Networks” can help you better protect your organizations goals by providing expertise, experience and standards along with correlation of local body regulation that you may lack internally. When seeking the answers of something like mentioned questions with the guarantee solution, experience and expertise someone move towards us. Our customers relaxing is our happiness and achievement. We offer our services cheapest in price and highest in our customer’s comfort and satisfaction.

We have dedicated team including subject matter certified experts of mentioned areas:

1. Penetration testing

2. Ethical hacking

3. Risk Assessment

4. Risk analysis

5. Network design

6. Application security

7. OS security

8. Authentication model design

9. Wireless solution

10. Infrastructure design

11. Cyber security strategy

12. Enterprise security

13. Security management

14. Report development

15. Thread management

16. Helpdek solution

Our services are customized able and based on you need, our implemented solution include the designed documents and code sets for future expansion with any other solution provider.

Our rapid response force work 24/7/365 to protect you valuable assets. For any query connect with us on